Eating Dog

Birgit   April 5, 2016   Comments Off on Eating Dog

Eating dog? Someone said most people could not or would not do it. Well, most people aren’t American. Most people aren’t even North American. For instance Asia eats dog and with relish. Eating dog is like eating hot dogs, it is so cultural based and so head based. A vegan friend of mind like to trash hot-dog or sausage eating as eating bull asses and lips and I’ll just like my lips at the very though. Eating dog is no big deal. Most people would sooner eat Spot rather than go without supper.

I once ate a dog. It was so taste and tender. It was also very simply stewed, with minimal of spices. Sure it was cooked in salt water diluted with fresh. It was also cooked for hours. The dog was young, a strong adolescent dog with the fat of the fall. I cannot recall it’s name, though it surely had one. It was a working dog after all, so it had to have a name. It was one of my fathers dogs, a good strong sled pulling dog. Or it would have been had we not lusted after it’s flesh.

Eating dog is like eating fox. It has a strong gamey taste. In the fall it has a nice finish of fat. Stewed in water for hours and the smell lubricates the saliva for hours. One goes out to remove and relieve himself of the temptation. Eating dog can be a meal you can look forward to.

It helps if you have no seal or caribou that week. It helps if fishing has not been good. It also helps if it is the fall, the period of freeze over. There is a period where hunting is difficult. The lakes and bays are freezing over but the ice is so thin that it is hazardous all around. The days are short and the storms come often. It helps to be hungry for any kind of food or meat.

Even life long hunters can have difficulty eating dog. A dog is a very important partner after all. A pet is a companion but a working dog is the last thing you eat. Eating a working dog is like a cowboy eating his own horse. It is the last thing you want to do, but the meat is good.

There is such a things as best dog food. It should not be skinny and old. That would be about the worst thing. It should not be an older dog. Too young and there is no flesh on it. A young well developed dog with fat around the young muscles is a fine eat. Eating dog is no big deal, as long as you don’t remember the name of the dog.