Making Meat Tomato Sauce in Bulk can Save both Time and Money

Stacey   April 6, 2016   Comments Off on Making Meat Tomato Sauce in Bulk can Save both Time and Money

There are many different ways to make sauce using tomatoes as a base. It can be a plain tomato sauce or one that includes a variety of ingredients. One of the benefits of tomato sauce is that it can be made either meatless or with meat. Whatever your preference, there are benefits to making sauce in bulk.

For those who opt to go the nonvegetarian route, adding meat to your tomato sauce can make for a well-rounded meal. There are many advantages to making a hearty meat sauce in large quantities.

Saves time  

When making meat sauce in bulk, you can save yourself the time of cooking for multiple meals. You can make several family or single servings and pop them in the freezer for use at a later time. Additionally, you can easily make months worth of sauce in one cooking session. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, you’ll probably appreciate having several ready-to-eat meals on hand that can be easily heated up.

Ready-to-eat meals

Tomato sauce generally freezes nicely and, as noted above, you can make several meals ahead of time. This can help cut back on stress during those busy days when pulling together a good meal is challenging and/or next to impossible.

Making sauce in bulk also helps cut back on those spontaneous drive-through or takeout meals. This is especially true if you’re looking to eliminate processed or fast food out of your diet, but need the convenience of food that is easy and quick to prepare.


Usually stores are willing to price meat discounted for consumer that buy in bulk. When planning to make a larger quantity of meat sauce, you can get the lower price for a larger amount of meat.

Additionally, whether your sauce is made with fresh tomatoes or canned, you can also purchase a larger quantity of tomatoes to use as your base and save some money. If you put veggies in your sauce, you can also buy these in bulk and toss in as the sauce simmers; whatever veggies you do not use in the sauce, you can always include in another type of meal.

When it comes down to it, making a pot of tomato-meat sauce in a large quantity is a handy convenience. For additional tips and ingredients to use, The Pioneer Woman and Bulk Freezer Cooking both have some great tips and suggestions for making meat sauce in bulk.